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Nanostructuration laser et dispositifs optoélectroniques

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Laser nanostructuration and optoelectronic devices

Advances in the comprehension of the light/matter interaction, together with improved control of light beams (providing ultrafast pulses or sub-diffraction limit focalization) enabled the fabrication of micro- and nano-structures by optical means. In the NOMPOM team we associate several of such techniques in the fabrication of integrated optic and optoelectronic devices. Approaches such as non-linear interaction, UV direct laser writing and quasi-solitonic propagation are available on our experimental setups. We operate in organics such as photopolymers, non linear optical molecules, organics/inorganics hybrids to demonstrate new ways for the processing and structuring of these materials. Aiming for an even higher precision in optical nanopatterning, we explore the possibilities opened by the association of non linear optical interaction and scanning near field microscopy to further progress toward the ultimate resolution.

Transparent and conductive ITO grid on glass substrate obtained by direct laser writing using the hybrid organic/inorganic precursor developed by RBnano company.