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DOUDIN Bernard

Professor of Physics at the Université Louis Pasteur (ULP)

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IPCMS - Department of Magnetic Objets on the NanoScale (DMONS)
23, rue du Loess
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- PhD in Physics, University of Lausanne, Switzerland, 1991
- Assistant Professor of Physics, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA, 1997
- Associate Professor of Physics, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA, 2002
- Professeur des Universités, Université de Strasbourg, 2005


The core research activity relies on fabricating and characterizing nanoscale electrical interconnects involving magnetic elements, in an interdisciplinary approach at the frontier between physics and chemistry.

The main perspective is to extend the concept of spintronics devices, or systems where the electrical properties are highly sensitive to the magnetic configurations of the circuit elements, to multi-functional devices, where several external parameter can be used to tune the electrical properties (for example, the electric, magnetic or electromagnetic field, temperature, pressure…). Light irradiation is of particular interest, as it allows probing electronics states, metastable excited intermediate states, energy transfer, and a wide range of experimental time scales.

Understanding and studying materials at the nanoscale is where new physics and new properties can become dominant. This becomes particularly relevant at the molecular scale, where ballistic electrical transport happens, and intrinsic molecular properties emerge. The activity significantly overlaps with chemistry, in the search of new switching molecular systems or new organic-metal interconnects.


- Nanofabrication facility STnano, which is a 200 m2 cleanroom space shared by IPCMS, ISIS and ECPM. This platform provides the top-down tools needed for patterning wafers down 30 nm size range (with H. Majjad).
- Electrical measurements set-ups involving AC and DC low-frequency (below 50 MHz) for characterization of low and high impedance samples, under variable temperatures (1.5 K to 1000K) and inside a superconducting magnet (9T), or high-speed rotating electromagnet (with J. F: Dayen and B. Kundys). Electrical probing inside a dark shielded box, or in a glove box, is also available for rapidly scanning samples, under temperatures between 100 and 1000 K.
- Optical setups provide Raman spectroscopy, VIS spectroscopy and photoluminescence studies with electrical interconnects to samples in a variable temperature (4-400K) environment (with S. Berciaud). A dedicated platform allows electrical measurements with microspectroscopy characterization and variable illumination for rapid scanning of samples.
- A low temperature atomic force microscope, capable of scanning samples at 1.5 K under a variable external magnetic field reaching 9 Teslas. This setup is mostly dedicated to local transport measurements with the AFM tip (with V. da Costa, and J. F. Dayen).
- An electrochemistry setup, with bi-potentiostat and high voltage capabilities, capable of standard electrochemical experiments, which can also be performed inside a glove box.


- Scientific Director of STnano facility, member of the Scientific Council of IPCMS.
- Nanophysique : methodes de fabrication et nouvelles proprieties, Cours et laboratoires, Master 1ere année. Physique.
- Nanostructures et nanophysique, Cours, Master 1ere année. Physique.
- Spintronics, Cours, Master 2ere année. Matière Condensée et nanophysique
- Physique du vivant, Cours et laboratoires, Licence Sciences de la vie, 1ere année.


P. Braunstein (LCC; Strasbourg): chimie de coordination, P. Dowben (Univ. Of Nebraska, USA): surface spectroscopy studies, T. Heiser (INESS, Strasbourg): Organic electronics, Jeong-O Lee (KRICT, Korea): graphene synthesis, chemical sensors, M. Mayor (KIT, Karlruhe and Univ. of Basel): switching molecular systems, J. F. Létard (ICMCB, Bordeaux): spin crossover molecules and clusters, M. Ruben (KIT, Karlsruhe): spin crossover molecules, molecular electronics, P. Samori (ISIS, Strasbourg): molecular electronics, S. J. van der Molen (Univ. of Leiden): molecular electronics, M. Viret (CEA, Saclay,): multiferroics, ballistic magnetic studies


Molecular electronics

- Enhancing the molecular signature in molecule-nanoparticle networks via inelastic cotunneling _ F. Dayen, E. Devid, M. V. Kamalakar, D. Golubev, C.t Guédon, V. Faramarzi, B. Doudin and S. J. van der Molen, Adv. Mater. 25, 400-404 (2013)

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- Hetero-nanojuctions with atomic size control using a lab-on-chip electrochemical approach with integrated microfluidics
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Book Chapters

- Nanotrenches : a full optical lithography process for high aspect ratio nanogaps, in Micro and Nano Fabrication Technologies
J.F. Dayen, V. Faramarzi, and B. Doudin, Ed Faiz Rahman, Pan Stanford publication, Singapore (2012)

- Ballistic spin transport
B. Doudin and N. Kemp, in Handbook of Spin 
Transport and Magnetism, Eds E. Y. Tsymbal, and I. Zutic, Taylor and Francis (2011).

- On the importance of defects in magnetic tunnel junctions
P.A. Dowben and B. Doudin, Lecture Notes in Physics, Vol 678: Local Moment Ferromagnets, Donath M. & Nolting W. (Eds.), 309-329, Springer Verlag (2005).

Patents (recent)

- Dispositif photoconducteur et photovoltaïque
J. F. Letard, B. Doudin, C. Etrillard, V. Faramarzi, J.-F. Dayen, DI CNRS 04188-01, pending 
CNRS FR 2011/11 50949 (2011-02-07). International patent pending.

- Utilisation de molécules a caractère zwitterionique pour la formation d’une couche de transport de trous ou d’électrons,
B. Doudin, P. Braunstein, L. Routaboul, G. Dalmas, P. Dowben, Z. Zhang, French patent pending F 03428 (24-08-2010). , International patent pending.

- Magnetoelectric device for magnetic random access memory,
B. Doudin, C. Binek, patent US2007014143-A1, 2007


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